Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sports Diskutim: Running

I just want to discuss running for this post.

I love to run. It was what started me on the journey to getting in shape and getting much healthier. It happened about 2 years ago... I wanted to change and lose weight. I finally got the innate urge to do it. Before I just wanted to lose weight to impress other people and it was never enough motivation to get up every day and exercise or to resist that white castle crave case.

I began running on a track outside. I was able to do about a quarter of a mile (once around the track) and I felt like throwing up. I also had terrible shin splints and my feet were killing me. The next day I went out and bought actual running shoes and socks (I had money back then so I could just go out and blow 125 dollars lol). I ran half a mile this time (two times around the track). Then for the next two weeks I would jog twice around the track... then walk one time around... then jog twice around again. After that I began jogging a full mile on the track (four times around).

Basically I kept this up for a couple years... now 40 pounds less later, I have the ability to jog fifteen miles straight at about eight minute and thirty second miles.

I love running... people are often shocked that I jog for pleasure and not just for exercise. I get to listen to music and jog outside (I jog on roads and trails now) look at nature and people. Not to mention runner's high which awesome... the feeling that i could just keep running forever haha it's awesome. I love when someone faster then me jogs by because then I make it my mission to at least keep up with them and usually they stop jogging before I do (though not all the time).

If I had to point out negatives to jogging... one would be that the fact that jogging is a very high impact sport. Probably not the best for joints especially at the distances I do... but this is just an assumption. The price though is kind of annoying... at long distances your shoes will wear out quickly... I have to buy new shoes like once every two months.

Regardless I love to jog. It keeps me in shape and it is very enjoyable.

Peace, Love, and Cheeeeeeeeeeeeks! RUN LIKE THE WIND!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gay Day at Disney World in Florida

 Sorry I lied two times... first off I said I'd make a post by last night and obviously I didn't... second I said it'd be about one of the topics I listed and it isn't... haha but sometimes I read about something and need to write about it right away.

Okay... so apparently the homosexuals down in Florida have a Gay Day at Disney World. On this day homosexuals go to Disney wearing a red shirt. So... whatever, it isn't a big deal... but of course you know it is to certain people. The Florida Family Association (FFA) decided to rent or buy a fucking plane and fly a banner over Disney warning people of the impending Gay Day...

Jesus FUCKING Christ... you'd think it was "convicted child molester" day or something. Some people are seriously fucked in the head and they somehow think gay people are "damaging" or "dangerous"... homosexuals are no more dangerous than the average person and I'd make a bet that they are LESS dangerous than the religious people. I don't see gays spending money to "warn" people of Christians. How fucking ignorant can you get?

I got a cool picture for all you ignorant Christians (and other religious people that think gays are "bad").

OH NO! You tell me you don't hate gays? You hate the sins they commit but not them? HAHAHAHAHAHAH Being gay is a big part of that person. Being gay is who they are... how they were born... you can't not (double negative I win) hate someone when you hate hard on a big part of who they are. 

Now I bolded the "family" in Florida Family Association because I love how often these anti-gay groups will label themselves as some heroes of the familial system. Two words for them... Fuck. You. First off the family system is so fucked it isn't even funny. It is more about controlling children and oppressing them than anything else. Not to mention that it is overly religious, even for non-religious people. The FFA isn't about family... they are about maintaining control over their kids thoughts. They want their kids to be religious and hateful toward anyone not like them. Imagine a child in a religious family telling the parents he/she is an atheist or switching religions? Oh wait... here is an example...

Oh but would I personally be pissed if my kids decided to be catholic instead of agnostic? NO of course not.. that is their decision, their faith. I wouldn't dare force or shame my child for a religious belief. Though chances are they aren't going to be religious.

Peace, Love, and Cheeeeeeeeeeeeks.... gay cheeks this time though.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

First Post in Two Months

Oh hi... haven't updated in a while. Well, let's see... I have some blog post ideas and one will be up sometime today... most likely at night. I haven't really had a desire to post here but now I do so lucky you to the three people that have read my stuff haha. In this post I am going to leave a list of future topics.

Nudity/Sex ≠ Dirtiness

Niggering the Word Nigger

The Negatives of our Current Educational System (America)


Sports Diskutim: Running

Gaming Diskutim: Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Gaming Diskutim: Wii U

Yeah so those are some things I am going to post about because I really want to... what order they will be posted in is a surprise...heh

Peace, Love, and Cheeeeeeeeeks! Guess who's back?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Guns kill people, kinda like how spoons make people fat."

Oh yeah I went there!

I fucking love weapons. Not for killing mind you. I just think guns, swords, knives, etc. are fucking awesome. I currently only possess swords and knives... no guns yet. Laws in my state are ridiculously strict and stupid and I have NO intention of registering to the government for firearms. I also have no money... at least not enough for a gun haha.

Anyway two specific stories inspired this post.

The first one is this story: Girl commits suicide with gun.

Okay so this girl obviously has a lot of negative issues in her life (one of them no doubt being compulsory schooling) so she goes into the school bathroom with a gun and blows her brains out. My problem is people seem to be blaming the gun and lax gun laws. This girl was determined to die I think she would have found an alternative method (probably a much more painful method) to kill herself. If she hung herself does that mean we should ban rope from youth or make it incredibly difficult to get a rope? That type of logic works more when someone commits mass murder with a weapon (but it still doesn't fly). She died because she had fail parents and lived in a fail society that insists on forcing young people to be in unnatural socialized groups. The gun was merely a tool just like a knife would have been or a rope.

The second one is this story: Massacre at Brazillian school.

So a fucking nut job goes into what sounds like a middle school shooting at random kids. The first thing that comes to my mind is not, "see how bad guns are!" it is, "damn too bad a teacher didn't have a gun." I'd even go so far as to say, "too bad a student didn't have a gun." but that might be too radical for some people haha. Again... if he had gone in with a baseball bat smashing in the heads of random students there would be very little outcry against bats. Sure I will concede that guns do make it easier to attack people but if the government didn't make it illegal to carry them then it would be easier to defend oneself.

Now tragedies like these are actually very rare (regardless of what paranoid fucking morons say) but if we want something done to prevent them then schools should have some teachers who are trained with firearms and who carry them. Any abuse of this responsibility would result in immediate firing and criminal prosecution. Columbine? Bastards get blown away before they kill more than one or two students or any at all. V-Tech? Hole to the brain. Brazilian school? Pump him full of lead. 

I am going to be a teacher one day... I'll be DAMNED if a shooter comes to the school and shoots my students. That won't happen.

Anyway... as stated before I love guns.... so many I want to buy but I will buy them when I move out of my state... my first purchase will probably a realistic weapon for home defense... low stopping power or even loaded with rubber bullets (gotta do research on those though). Of course I would love to just dick around like this guy:

Peace, Love, and Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeks! FPS Russia rules!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I don't have a problem with rating systems themselves. I DO have a problem when these ratings are either enforced by laws or when they have the power to force an artist to change their work... otherwise it won't get known (companies such as Gamestop share the blame here too). I also have a problem when they rate them based on age. The ratings should just be there to summarize what kind of content is in the movie/video game/whatever so that the consumer is not ignorant to the content.

Another problem is that since America is hyper puritanical consensual healthy sex is often rated on par with extreme violence or even rated worse than rape.... here is an example from the recently release movie Sucker Punch (pretty cool movie btw): http://www.nylonmag.com/?section=article&parid=5928

Let me quote something very telling about the MPAA:

""" I had a very tame and mild love scene with John Hamm... I think it's great for this young girl to actually take control of her own sexuality.  Well, the MPAA doesn't like that.  They don't think a girl should ever be in control of her own sexuality because they're from the Stone Age... So essentially, they got Zack to edit the scene and make it look less like she's into it.  And Zack said he edited it down to the point where it looked like he was taking advantage of her.  That's the only way he could get a PG-13 [rating] and he said, "I don't want to send that message."  So they cut the scene!"""

I mean WHAT THE FUCK?! If anything we should be filling movies with young girls taking control of their sexuality! Not to mention the MPAA would rather see a young girl being taken advantage of rather than asserting herself and making her choices with her sexuality! This enforces two sexists stereotypes... that men are dirty pigs and that woman are weak. Not to mention the scene wasn't really even sex... but that just shows how ridiculous and unreliable the MPAA is.

So anyway I'd like the MPAA to know that they won't be controlling my kids decisions. I will be like the Spanish father I saw leaving the theater that was showing The Hangover with his seven year old (estimate) daughter. He literally was discussing the movie pretty intelligently with her and while she found it funny she did actually learn some valuable lessons from the movie. THAT is what parents need to do... not totally ban them from information and media... but allow them to watch it and help them make sense of and discuss the content

Young children aside... it is absolutely ludicrous that teens are banned from movies that are deemed *inappropriate". Teens who at one point ruled kingdoms... fought for freedom in wars... had families, farms, houses, jobs... etc. This was before our society started treating teenagers like toddlers. That topic deserves a post itself.

Anyway to finish owning the MPAA I suggest you watch This Film is Not Yet Rated. Great movie.

Onto the ESRB!

The ESRB is the rating system for video games. Just like the MPAA they name the ratings based on age which I have a problem with BUT the ESRB ratings is NOT enforced legally. It is up to the individual store to see if they want to ban the sale of Mature or Teen games to minors. Most stores do have such policies (employees are not allowed to sell Mature rated games to people under 17). I raise the middle finger to these stores but that is their decision. It also keeps me from buying video games from stores... my own little boycott haha.

Problem with the ESRB is it suffers from the same puritanical nonsense as the MPAA (though to a lesser degree thankfully) sexuality and nudity are seen on a similar level as violence. That is stupid.

Nudity and sexuality should not be *explicit* or *for mature audiences/gamers only* I really feel part of the problem with our country is that youth are kept in the dark about sex. This makes them easier to be takn advantage of and makes it more likely they will make ignorant choices. Nudity isn't even sexual... we only see it that way because that is how puritans saw it. Bums.

I didn't even go into the MPAA and their whole *war* against piracy and P2P networks... but yea that deserves it's own post too.

Peace, Love, and Cheeeeeeeeeeks! Don't forget, let your kids see rated R movies!

Monday, April 4, 2011

I am upset.

About an hour ago I pulled a muscle in my bicep while working out. It was my own stupid fault... on top of this my wrist continues to hurt and it has been hurting for like a month (even after I took a two week break from lifting). I need to see a doctor and I have to stop lifting until I get a good diagnoses.

At least I can still jog... off I go!

UPDATE 4/6/2011

BLAH My bicep is fine but I have tendinitis in my wrist... bummer I need physical therapy and I have to stay off it for like a month.... my beautiful muscles!!!!!!!!!!!! I shall continue to jog and do abs though... always a way!

Peace, Love, and Cheeeeeeeeeeeeks! /blogfaqs

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Females/Males and Casual Sex.

It has been a few days since my last post and today I had a great idea for a post... so here it is!

Let me start with a question. Why is it okay for males to have casual sex but for females it is often not okay? I have NEVER heard a legitimate answer that wasn't rooted in sexism. In our society men are often praised and even pushed to have sex with numerous females while females are often insulted for having casual sex (whore, slut, dirty, etc.). This is not good for either gender. I am going to separate this post into two parts giving my perception of the negative effects of these views for both males and females respectively.


Not only does this push males to treat girls who have sex with them casually (one night stands or any out of relationship sex) very poorly and with little respect... but it also pushes them to feel like they need to have sex. It makes men feel unworthy or less of a man if they aren't having a lot of sex or if they happen to be a virgin. I have seen many guys make stupid decisions because of this or they beat themselves up mentally for not having a lot of sex.In our society this also promotes the whole "men are dirty pig" for desiring sex so much. In America sex is still views as a "bad" or "dirty" thing. Most parents don't even tell their children what a penis or vagina is... they prefer to give those parts pet names (a very stupid idea I might add). So obviously when men are pushed to have sex in an anti-sex society men often get slapped with the label "pig".


It is a fact that females desire sex as much as men do. They also have the nerves to make sex pleasurable for them. Yet again thanks to puritanical America shit gets fucked up. Females are supposed to be "clean" and not have sex except if they are in a serious relationship or married. We can already see the implications of this view. Any female who has casual sex is automatically viewed as dirty. Not only do men enforce this stereotype but women do as well... often worse than men do. Parents often resist teaching their daughters about sex much more than for their sons. Daughters are not given nearly as much freedom as sons are when it comes to dating and boys. This creates many problems including, sneakiness, lying, anger, and self-hate.


This particular problem literally surrounds me. My Albanian family tries to be traditional and typically daughters are literally forbidden to have boyfriends while sons are given a ridiculous amount of freedom compared to girls. I will make a post specifically about my families situation one day.

So listen guys... stop calling girls sluts and whores.... think about it, without the girls that like to have sex and one night stands it would be significantly harder to have more sexual partners... something that would bother me personally. Ladies please treat your fellow female with respect. Whether it be jealousy or desire to ride high on your moral horse please remember that you too like to have sex and stop pretending you are better because you resist a harmless basic instinct.

In our day and age we have lots of methods of birth control and we can get ourselves checked for disease. Just remember to keep an eye on your drinks!

Peace, Love, and Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks!!! Don't forget to wear your hats!